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OR - NBR70, NBR90



Design O-rings are a simple but very versatile seal. They are most commonly used for static applications, and for pressures over 1500 p.s.i are used with back up rings

O-rings with sizes to AS-568A are available in NBR 70 and 90 Shore A compounds and in FKM 75 Shore A.
O-rings in NBR and FKM are suitable for use in mineral oil, water and air, FKM O-rings are also suitable for use in most aggressive fluids and in temperatures of up to 200°C/390°F.
The ‘O’ ring, or toroidal seal, is an exceptionally versatile sealing device.  Applications, ranging from garden hose couplings to aerospace or oil and gas duties, make it the world’s most popular volume-produced seal. ‘O’ rings offer many benefits to designers, engineers, maintenance staff and plant operators, they:
Ø  Suit many static and dynamic applications.
Ø  Are very compact and occupy little space.
Ø  Seal efficiently in both directions.
Ø  Can work between -65°C and +325°C  when made of elastomer — according  to material type.
Ø  Can function at temperatures down to -200°C when made of PTFE, FKM
Today, the design engineer is faced with  a bewildering array of ‘O’ ring statistics and advice. In this guide we simplify the design data, give concise information on materials and facilitate part selection for specification and ordering purposes.

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