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TB (Oil Seals)

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Material Code




SQ-TB is an oil and water seal including the lip that used to dirty application. They will be used for light duty.
Our specially developed Spring Safe technique:
Ø  Provides positive spring retention for radial lip seals.
Ø   Intimately cures the lip-energizing spring into the spring groove to keep the spring securely in position  during installation and operation.
Ø  Allows spring coils to move freely for efficient lip seal operation.

Material Type

Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Highly Saturated Nitrile (HNBR)

Fluorinated Rubber (FKM/Viton)

Silicone Rubber


Most commonly used elastomer material for sealing products such as O-ring and oil seal.

HNBR is made from saturated NBR and greatly improved its wear and extrusion resistance over the standard NBR. This material is becoming the preferred compound in the oil patch due to its extended resistance to petroleum oil and sour gas.

Best selection of material to use in high temperature applications and widely use in O-ring and oil seal products and widely used in applications dealing with extreme temperature and chemicals.

Silicone oil seals have a high lubricant absorbency with excellent low and high temperature tolerance.


Oils, hydraulic fluids, water fuels

Oils, fuels, gases

Oils, hydraulic fluids, water, fuels, transmission fluids

Oils, fuels


Brake fluids, polar and aromatic solvent

Polar and aromatic solvent

Polar solvent

Aromatic solvent


Good abrasion and compression resistance and high tensile strength

Excellent wear and extrusion resistance. Extended high temperature range over NBR.

Excellent heat, acid, weather and ozone resistance

Able to resist broad temperature range. Excellent weather and ozone resistance.


Poor resistance to weather and ozone

Poor tolerance to low temperature

Medium tensile and tear strength and limited low temperature tolerance

Poor tensile strength and tear resistance.

Temperature Limits

-30 to 120°C

-25 to 150°C

-20 to 200°C

-60 to 200°C

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