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C500 or D500
(Wear Guide Rings)

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Temperature(◦ C)

POM +  Glass (Fabric-Base Laminate)

-30       + 110

PTFE Bronze compound

-60       + 260

Resin Fabric

-40       + 120

Nylon Fibre Glass

-40       +120

C500 is a guide wearing ring with split cut for easy to install. C500 is our bearing strip with a very low coefficient of friction for high speed duties. This tape-type bearing material is used within a hydraulic system where relative movement needs to be accommodated between two metallic surfaces.

This plain rectangular bearing strip of bronze-loaded PTFE provides cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to traditional materials such as phosphor-bronze or lead.
 The wearing strip is available in three forms: cut rings, spiral lengths and flat coils. We provides an extremely effective, hard wearing and easy to use bearing material.
 This plain rectangular strip of bronze loaded PTFE provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to traditional materials such as phosphor bronze or lead.

 Special features
 Ø  Self-lubricating to provide low dynamic and breakout friction.
Ø  Suitable for high speed applications.
Ø   High fatigue strength for long service life and reduced downtime.
 Ø  Dampens mechanical vibrations.
 Ø  Versatile and easy to assemble.

 Typical application
  Often used in conjunction with compact type piston head seals in hydraulic systems to eliminate metal-to-metal contact and other problems associated with offset pistons.

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